Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Happy New Year, everyone! I've started a Tumblr (hooray for more internet distractions) to tide me over until I start my next creative project.

Will try to get some photos of handmade gifts I made loved ones for Christmas up here at some point soon, though.

In the meantime, here are some photographs of me looking disturbing whilst trying to take some photos of my boyfriend's birthday present with my webcam. We're both massive West Wing nerds, so I stitched him up a quote from this scene, complete with appliqued muffins and bagel, with beads for cherries and sesame seeds.

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas!


  1. nice muffins! appy noo ear my dear.. i haven't yet succumbed to the tumblr, will be nice to keep up with your stitchy happenings!

  2. Ooh-er, why thank you. ;) Are you having a good New Year? Afraid the Tumblr won't have THAT much stitching, but I may be sewing up some horoscopes/tarot cards to show on here soon. :)