Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Onion Cutters' Club

As promised, here are the first two pieces from my new project, The Onion Cutters' Club. As you may guess, this project is all about weeping; sad (or funny) stories of crying. The title is a reference to The Onion Cellar, a chapter from The Tin Drum by G√ľnter Grass (a play based on the chapter, also named The Onion Cellar, was written by Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls.)

The first embroidery is a title piece for this project; an illustration of a pair of bloodshot eyes crying over an onion accompanied by the project's title.

The first (true) story I have illustrated is a very sad, yet also rather humorous one.

The text reads "I was wandering, distraught, melancholy and alone, through the city at night. A HUGE moth ambled across the street... when a bus flattened it. I burst into tears."


  1. Oh my! Kate, this is just LOVELY. I especially adore the moth piece. It's amazing to see what you're working on. Incredibly energy and very inspiring.

  2. what a brilliant new series... i want to burst into tears just looking at your moth piece, the beauty and the melancholy. one thing i've been thinking about is how difficult it is to cry on certain medications..