Thursday, 14 August 2014

A tale by mail

Sylvia Linsteadt is a writer unlike any other. For one thing, her writing is almost organic; it springs from the brush and the creeks of the Bay Area in San Francisco, smelling of fennel and juniper. Sylvia spins yarns both figuratively and literally, wrapping her tales in skeins of hand-spun and dyed thread, creating story cases from hand dyed and felted fabric. And when she's done, these cases, along with beautifully wrapped, thoughtful packages of tales are sent out to the world. One of these found its way to me; the story Our Lady of Nettles wended its way here earlier this week.


To call Sylvia's work mere mail order stories would be doing her a great disservice. So much love and care was put into my little envelope; stamped with images from her tales, sealed with a dove wax stamp, the tale bound with a hand spun and nettle dyed thread.
The tale itself is a curious thing, partially narrated by nameless nettles. I am taking my time to soak it up, hoping it will inspire me in the writing of a tale of my own.
Sylvia's stories and felted story cases can be purchased at Wild Talewort. Her rather excellent blog can be read here.


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