Tuesday, 3 February 2015

#secretsofselfpreservation: responses so far

As I stitch my potion each week I'm dying to hear what your #secretsofselfpreservation are! A few kind souls have shared with me their self care actions via the #secretsofselfpreservation hashtag, and they range from the mundane to the amusing to the disturbing.

Katrina Bautista is channelling her anxiety into cathartic, dismembered drawings, all to a soothing soundtrack of Japanese Shōwa era music, and sharing them with us via her Instagram:

My tutor when I was at art school, Deborah "Debs" Price, has her sights set on taking care of her professional life; she seems to share my predilection for writing lists:

Performance maker Chloë Smith has a novel solution to the blues (I may be taking a leaf out of her book):

What are your #secretsofselfpreservation? 

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