Monday, 1 July 2013


I've just completed my most ambitious embroidery yet (at least in terms of scale), and it seems very apt now that the summer weather finally appears to have arrived (fingers crossed it stays!)

It's hopefully for inclusion in a little exhibition at The Lexington (where I saw The Wave Pictures play last night) all about, quite literally, the birds and the bees (wish me luck during the selection process!)

I decided to return to my melancholyflowers theme, imagining the honey full of sorrow that bees would make from melancholyflower nectar.

I aimed for the look of a botanical illustration with the bee and pansies I stitched (I chose pansies as they are a flower associated with melancholy).

I feel that I'm beginning to build more of a cohesive body of work, and that's a very satisfying feeling indeed. I can also see how my embroidery has improved during my journey with the medium; I'm so looking forward to developing it further when I begin training at the Royal School of Needlework.

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  1. beautiful embroidery work kate, love it... and thanks for the heads up for open call, might try myself, although a gazzilion and one other projects on the go now. gah! x