Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I'm not a fashion blogger by any stretch of the imagination (as the photographs below illustrate), but I do have a fondness (well, more than a fondness) for fashion, as my ever-expanding collection of vintage and thrifted frocks attests.

When it comes to clothes, I try to shop second hand (with the exception of hosiery and underwear!), partially for the good of the planet, but largely because it allows me to cultivate a more individual look. 

Cardigan: Charity shop
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Juju
Brooch: Poptones
Hair clip: Poptones

When it comes to accessories, however, I try my best to support independent designers like myself, many of whom sell their handmade wares via craft vending website Etsy.

My most recent handmade goodies come courtesy of the wondrous Marlena Pope of Poptones, who sells her products via her proper good fashion blog.

Marlena has a wonderful sense of fun and colour in both her outfits and her handmade accessories. When I clapped eyes on her sweetheart barettes, I knew I had to snap one up. I wore it to work today, and every time I turned my head I caught a scent of sugar.

My collection of witch-themed brooches also appears to be ever-expanding (and as a committed Stitch Witch, how could it not be?)

I already have a sparkly number which spells out "WITCH" in beads from the cryybaby Etsy, which my fellow Stitch Witch Hannah Hill gave me (thanks Han, I wear it with pride). Mimi's shop is brimming with riot grrrl sparkle and sass, and she's trade friendly!

My other witch brooch is similarly riot grrrl inspired; also from Marlena's shop, its glittery design is based on a Hole fanzine.

As a self-proclaimed femme, sometimes I need something a little creepy to offset the sweetness of my outfits; and when that's the case, I turn to the fabulous Jen Johnson's Etsy, hoodratroughdiamond. Jen has bags upon bags of wicked cool style, and she comes up with the most wonderfully surreal, disco-morbid badge and barrette designs. Among my favourites are her new moth collar pins:

And her Halloween bone hair barrettes:

My very favourite purchase from Jen, however is the wonderfully witty tombstone pin that reads "Live slow, die whenever". It's a sentiment I live by!

Truly I could spend all my hard-earned pennies in the hoodratroughdiamond shop; there's such a wonderful plethora of naff 90s memorabilia, creepy cute kitsch, and twee, all aesthetics I endorse heartily.

Today's present to myself was a pair of cute ghostie earrings (ghostie is one of my favourite words and definitely one of my favourite things) from ginettepomette, who makes many adorable things which threaten my bank balance. Jen of hoodratroughdiamond alerted me to their existence; thanks a bunch, Jen!

I do love ordering independently designed/manufactured products through the post; when they arrive, it's like getting a little present from yourself that you needn't feel guilty about!

I will always support independent designers whenever I can, which brings me to the last (but certainly not least) designer of this blog post; Hanecdote, aka my good friend and fellow Stitch Witch Hannah Hill.

Hannah has recently reopened her Etsy shop with a ridiculously cute new product; the Ghoul Guides patch. These collectible patches range from "Halloween Queen" to the hilarious and pertinent "Donut Touch Me" (I ordered two; one for me, and one for a friend!)

And the best part is, if you order three badges, you receive a membership badge free of charge! I just know I'm going to have to collect them all!

That's my haul of my favourite indie designers! I'd love it if you could share yours, I'm constantly on the lookout for new trinkets handmade with lots of love.

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  1. LOVE this! Thank you, angelpop! Lusting after the poptones hair barrette big time xoxoxo