Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Dog Rose

After the Royal School of Needlework graduation yesterday, Pip and I spent some time wandering around the rose garden looking for the prettiest blooms.

I think the dog rose is still my very favourite. Which brings me to my final RSN embroidery. I had to re-do my silk shading module to get my Certificate, and I chose the humble yet beautiful dog rose.

It grew quite rapidly, and I now feel a lot more confident in creating silk shaded flowers that are smoothly blended and shiny.

Here is the rose blooming petal by petal:


  1. Hi Kate, I hope you enjoyed your graduation yesterday and your dog Rose is lovely. I'm sorry to hear you aren't continuing with the RSN but wish you every success in your future ventures.

  2. This is just soooooo good. ULTIMATE respect coming at you. Silk shading is HARD! I am thinking of doing the certificate, would you recommend ?