Monday, 20 May 2013

Protect The Wild Flowers

I came across this image on Tumblr (via the lifestyle blog The Thinking Tank) and immediately felt compelled to turn it into a sketch for blackwork. As I found it on Tumblr I've had difficulty locating it on the blog that originally posted it, and so I'll never know if there's any more information about such a captivating, whimsical image (with such an important message).

I may not have rendered the children's faces perfectly in stitch, but I am mostly pretty happy with the results (and with my choice of ivy-embroidered handkerchief!)

I think of this as a companion piece to my Melancholyflowers:


  1. Bountiful! Have you started at RSN yet? X

  2. I mean beautiful. But it is bountiful too ...!

    Ps love the simplicity of the black work

  3. Thank you Emma! No, I start in September. We will definitely have to meet up then. :)

  4. (i hate the way blogger doesn't notify you when you have a reply)

    oooh, Im excited for you!! I've applied to do a masters in art therapy, haven't got on the course yet, nor have the money to do it.. but being POSITIVE +++


    1. Best of luck! I'm sure you'd be perfect for it. x